Kwik Kopy printing was launched in 1967 by Bud Hadfield who was nominated as the Best Entrepreneur in Texas, USA.

Mr. Bud Hadfield was indoctrinated into the Franchise Hall of Fame in 2003.

Mr. Hadfield's vision created Parcel Plus, a franchise offering mailing, packaging and worldwide shipping services, which grew to more than 100 branches worldwide.

KKBC resulted from the merger of both concepts, thus beign part of the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED).

KKBC opened the largest Business Center in the Middle East, right at the heart of business and commercial district of Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

With currently more than 800 branches worldwide, Kwik Kopy continues to grow, open more business centers and serve more business professionals and entrepreneurs building a substantial, stable and highly satisfied client base.

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